Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) is set to host a three-day skill-building workshop event in Mesa, Arizona on Oct. 26-28.

The event – which includes six classes – is designed to improve the espresso preparation, cupping (or taste testing to determine coffee quality,) brewing and roasting skills of coffee professionals. To help café owners, operators and baristas prepare the best espresso possible, experienced coffee experts will assist participants on how to best prepare the best cup of espresso possible. During the introductory class, students learn the essential steps necessary to create a premium espresso including how to operate an espresso machine and grinder to properly pulling a shot and frothing milk.

For more advanced and espresso preparation training, SCAA presents its Hands-On Espresso course. As the name of the class suggests, participants receive progressive and interactive techniques for espresso extraction while discovering alternative methods for steaming milk. Participants also learn how to properly maintain espresso machines and grinders. Attendees may also refine their coffee palates during the three-day SCAA workshop event by participating in the two comparative cupping courses. Class participants are taught to taste, recognize and identify characteristics, similarities and differences in several coffees. Students also learn the skills necessary to properly cup or taste test coffee while developing more acute coffee sensory skills. For coffee professionals interested in learning how to properly brew quality coffee, SCAA offers a class on brewing fundamentals. During this hands-on course, participants will discover SCAA’s standards for consistently and successfully brewing an evenly extracted cup of coffee. In addition to learning SCAA’s recommended method for brewing coffee, students are presented with scientific research surrounding these standards. Participants may also gain a unique perspective about the subtleties of the coffee roasting process during the three-day workshop event by attending Introduction to Craft Roasting. During the class, students will roast coffee at varying heat levels while observing the physical changes taking place within the coffee after each roasting session. Students also gain a sensory evaluation of the roasting process by cupping the roasted coffee samples.

The SCAA Three-Day Skill-Building Workshop event is open to SCAA members as well as the public. SCAA members pay to attend the courses is $95. Non-members pay $195 to participate in the classes.

When: The SCAA Three-Day Skill-Building Workshop Event occurs on Oct. 26-28, 2007. Where: The SCAA Three-Day Skill-Building Workshop Event takes place at Red Rock Foods & Lost Dutchman Coffee Company in Mesa, Arizona

Further information: www.scaa.org

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