The coffee roasting machine manufacturer Probat conveys its extensive expertise in training courses encompassing the issues of coffee and roasting technologies

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. One of the most important prerequisites is coffee bean know-how. A person will only reap the benefits of a top quality product if he/she undertakes the right steps at the right time. Passing on the specialist expertise accrued over decades is part of Probat’s philosophy. Since the year 2000, the company has been conducting training courses on coffee and roasting technology in its own training centre in Emmerich. The spectrum of training caters to various target groups concerned with coffee roasting: Contents include the theoretical and practical impartment of extensive knowledge within the coffee trilogy as well as operator training on new equipment. The content itself can be flexibly adapted to individual customer needs . Probat offers over 15 theme-oriented training courses, either in Emmerich or on the customer’s premises. The latter has the advantage of being able to adapt training contents directly to the specific equipment used on site. The Probat Training Centre The Training Centre is ideally equipped for the training courses: Using the PROBATINO table roaster, roasting processes can be easily understood and put into practice. Helpful, too, is the identification of the degree of roasting with the colour-measuring device Colorette 3a as well as the use of a moisture-measuring device. Further equipment for various preparation methods rounds off the range of training equipment. Correct handling of lab equipment is trained in the in-house training lab. All of the equipment used belongs to Probat’s product range. Besides a sample roaster and colour and moisture measuring devices, the lab is also equipped with sieve analysis and laser beam devices. Course participants use the cupping equipment to try the roasted coffee and are thus in a position to get a real impression of the final product. Probat offers operator training courses specifically designed for the roasting industry. Whether you are looking for tricks in roasting specialist coffees or for the most efficient operation of large-scale industrial roasters – the operator will in all cases benefit from the specialist knowledge Probat has accrued over decades. Dates: Introduction to the World of Coffee: in German: 13th Dec 2007,14th Jan 2008, 4th Feb 2008, 3rd Mar 2008, 31st Mar 2008 in English: 28th Jan 2008, 18th Feb 2008, 17th Mar 2008 The World of Coffee: in German: 15th-16th Jan 2008, 5th-6th Feb 2008, 4th-5th Mar 2008 in English: 29th-30th Jan 2008, 19th-20th Feb 2008, 18th-19th Mar 2008 Furthermore, you can request a custom training course at the Training Centre of the PROBAT-Werke in Emmerich at any time. Further information: www.probat.com

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