What: The Specialty Coffee Association of America will host a three-day, skill-enhancing workshop event on September 14-16 in Cleveland. The event -- which features six workshops -- provides coffee professionals with expert training on preparing espresso, cupping (or taste testing), coffee brewing fundamentals and barista development

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. The classes --taught by experienced coffee professionals -- are ideal for people of all levels including entrepreneurs interested in opening a café as well as existing owners and others seeking to strengthen their coffee skills. Espresso workshops offer helpful and hands-on training on the basics of espresso preparation as well as more advanced espresso-making techniques for experienced café owners and baristas. In addition to learning how to operate an espresso machine and grinder, attendees receive instruction on the nuances of preparing a quality espresso, as well as advanced techniques for espresso extraction. For students seeking to refine their coffee palette at the three-day, skill-enhancing event, the SCAA offers hands-on Comparative Cupping courses. The workshops allow students to taste, recognize and identify characteristics, similarities and differences within an array of coffee samples . Students also receive comprehensive instruction in palette calibration techniques to assist in heightening their coffee sensory skills. By attending the SCAA"s Brewing Fundamentals course, students receive interactive instruction on properly and consistently brewing quality coffee. Through hands-on preparation and tasting, students learn the SCAA"s brewing standards including coffee to water ratio, temperature, contact time and holding times. The SCAA also offers a professional development course to enhance the skills of working baristas and café owners. In addition to learning the latest in coffee preparation theories and techniques, participants also learn the craft of latte art. The SCAA Three-Day Skill-Building Workshop event is open to SCAA members as well as the public. The three-day event is open to SCAA members as well as the public. The cost for SCAA members to attend is $95 -- with the exception of the Professional Development for the Working Barista course, which costs $125. The cost for non-SCAA members to attend any of the skill-building courses is $195 -- with the exception of the Professional Development for the Working Barista -- which costs $170. For more information on the Three-Day SCAA Skill-Building Workshop Event Who: Celebrating its silver anniversary in 2007, the SCAA is the world"s largest coffee trade association. SCAA members are located in over 40 countries and represent every segment of the specialty coffee industry, from coffee growers to coffee roasters and retailers. The SCAA"s mission is to be the recognized authority on specialty coffee, providing a common forum for the development and promotion of coffee excellence and sustainability. The SCAA"s dedication to excellence in coffee is realized through the setting of quality standards for the industry; conducting research on coffee, equipment and perfection of craft; and providing education, training, resources and business services for members. The SCAA"s annual conference is held in a different U.S. city each year and is the coffee industry"s largest gathering and exhibition. When: The SCAA Three-Day Skill-Building Workshop Event occurs on Sept. 14-16, 2007

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. Where: The SCAA Three-Day Skill-Building Workshop Event is being held at the Phoenix Coffee Roaster in Cleveland, Ohio. Further information : www.scaa.org

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