The IECAFE is a Barcelona based, Spanish institute that focuses on developing a forum for the exchange of information and promotion by educating coffee industry personnel who share the same commitment to quality

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. In order to achieve this aim the association offers a broad variety of courses and trainings at the highest level, educating members of the coffee chain in subjects such as knowledge and promotion of certified single-origin coffees and those grown on farms which are both socially and environmentally sustainable .

Further objectives are introducing technical criteria followed by international organisations for classifying the quality of speciality and gorumet coffees and helping coffee professionals to improve their products by offering quality controles and formulas for blends of plantation and single-origin coffees in order to distinguish their coffees from commercial ones.

Courses and training
While the courses are held at a totally equipped training centre, the instructors are highly qualified, all being members of the SCAE, the Speciality Coffee Association fo Europe.

The variety of the courses reaches from Barista Level 1 and Level 2 over Latte Art to trainings on agricultural and processing methods and various educational programs in cupping and roasting .

Furthermore, the IECAFE is the only school in Spain which is authorized by the SCAE to train future trainers.

To learn more about the offered courses visit www.iecafe.com.

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