Coffee lovers know how they like their brew and a quick instant cup is not going to hit the spot. Freshly ground coffee, brewed on the stove or using a filter coffee machine is a cheap and easy way to enjoy fresh coffee. However, if you want to have a perfect cup of coffee every time, made just the way you like it, you will need to get yourself a great coffee machine, with functions to suit your needs and your lifestyle. Let us take a look at how to choose the ideal coffee machine for your home.


Most types of home coffee machine make espresso-based drinks. From espressos and americanos, to cappucinos and lattes, choosing a good quality home coffee machine will enable you to enjoy a barista quality beverage in the comfort of your own home.


Traditional-style espresso makers are the most economical way to brew your own coffee at home. With prices for these machines starting at under  50, you are guaranteed to save money if you kick your coffee-shop habit and start brewing your own

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. Simply add coffee to the machine, fix the arm in place and allow the pressure of the machine to force the hot water through the beans. One of the main advantages of a basic espresso machine is the ability to control the strength and length of your coffee by varying the ratio of water to coffee . However, unlike more sophisticated home coffee-makers, most traditional espresso makers do not offer speciality milk-based drinks such as cappucinos and lattes, so you will need to use an alternative method to heat and froth your milk, in order to enjoy these barista-style beverages. Some say that espresso machines are a hassle to clean, although many will argue that the quality and economical nature of freshly made coffee means that it is worth

the time.


For those short on time,a bean-to-cup coffee is the ideal option. These labour-saving machines will grind your beans, taking the hassle out of making fresh coffee every morning. One of the major advantages of home coffee machines is the ability to make milky coffee drinks such as espressos and lattes. Most of the major makes of bean-to-cup coffee makers come with a milk frothing attachment so you can heat your milk, even skinny or soya, to the desired temperature and consistency. Alternatively, these machines can be used to whip up a soothing milky drink before bedtime.


For those who like super-fast technology and want to enjoy a variety of espresso-based coffees, a pod or capsule coffee maker is the ideal choice . As with the bean-to-cup machine, a capsule coffee maker means you don`t have to grind your own beans. Indeed, these foil-sealed capsules mean that you don`t have to bother with beans at all. Simply place a capsule in the machine, press the button and fresh, home-made coffee is yours in an instant. With a wide-range of different makes and models on the market, you will need to ensure that you have the right pods for your machine, as the pods and capsules are not a one-size-fits-all solution . Whilst, cup for cup, drinks from a capsule coffee machine are more costly than a stove top espresso or a bean-to-cup brew, these high quality beverages still work out far cheaper than a typical takeaway habit.


For real caffeine fiends, a home coffee maker is an essential piece of kit which is bound to save you time and money. Whatever your tastes, there is a coffee machine out there for you. From simply filter machines such as those available from CS Catering Equipment, to state-of-the-art capsule-based espresso machines, you will find a coffee maker meeting your needs and your budget.

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