This 60-minute video is the definitive film chronicling coffee from seed to cup. Shot in Guatemala, Brazil, Kona and Ethiopia, The Passionate Harvest takes a detailed look at the inner workings of the diverse processes involved in coffee production, emphasizing the enormous amount of effort and care required to produce quality coffee, and highlighting some of the issues and decision points that affect final cup quality and character. Reviews:

The Passionate Harvest may be one of the most important videos ever produced about coffee

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. It allows viewers to travel around the world from their armchairs and learn about, as well as appreciate, the thousands of steps and man hours that go into the production of the brew known as specialty coffee.

Bruce Milletto | President | Bellissimo, Inc

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. Director | The Passionate Harvest

The specialty coffee industry is in the process of creating a genuine global coffee community, in which producers and consumers come to understand their common interest in creating better coffee and a better world. By giving those who communicate directly with the consumer an intimate and technically sound look at how coffee is produced and the people who produce it, The Passionate Harvest will be a major contribution to those goals.

Kenneth Davids | Co-producer | The Passionate Harvest.

Davids is the author of three books on coffee, including the pioneering Coffee: A Guide to Buying, Brewing & Enjoying, and is a leading media commentator on coffee.

What a gift to coffee: to have our most important and mysterious stories about how coffee is grown and harvested told by our industry's best storytellers.

Don Holly | Corporate Quality Control Manager | Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

What a remarkable achievement! Whether a coffee novice or expert, The Passionate Harvest reveals specialty coffee's incredible journey from branch to brewer more accurately‚and more interestingly‚ than any other video I've seen. Bellissimo"s beautifully produced video takes the viewer from the remote highlands of Ethiopia to the Cerrado of Brazil, with stops in between, accurately covering the world's coffee growing regions and processing styles . I highly recommend The Passionate Harvest to everyone interested in learning more in-depth about the people, places and practices responsible for the beverage we love.

Bruce Mullins | Vice President of Product Development and Training | Coffee Bean International

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