latte_art_techniquesLATTE ART is the technique used by every professional barista in order to decorate exquisitely one of his beverages.

This is the main point of the book entitled “THE LATTE ART TECHNIQUE”, published recently by “Coffee Lovers Editors & Trainers” . The book aims to explain in a simple way step by step, how certain designs can be created on the beverages, using the technique of Latte Art as well to contribute in the formation and evolution of a new dimension in Marketing concerning the needs of modern cafes.

65 different Designs –not only classic but also original ones- are presented in this book, in a quite systematic way so that everyone could create them

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. Each one of 65 designs is analyzed in 8 steps accompanied with photographs and their explanation. Within the book you will also find a DVD which helps you to understand even more how these beverages are prepared.

This book is addressed mainly to professional barista, coffee shops’ owners and generally to those who have to do with serving clients in restaurants, bars and are eager to learn quickly and efficiently the technique of Latte Art . This technique is mainly applied to cappuccino but this present book has progressed more to freddo cappuccino, chocolate, instant coffee, coffee mix and many other hot or cold beverages.

Apart from the information concerning the decoration of the beverages, it also includes information about the factors that affect the preparation of Latte Art, analyzing the equipment and the raw materials used, their quality, the way they are processed as well as specific information which contribute in the better knowledge, use and their more effective application.

In conclusion, it is without doubt that you only have to gain benefits by understanding and applying Latte Art in a modern café which aims at quality and in a perfectly prepared hot coffee! In the same time he will get in touch with the progress made in a rapid way in the so called “coffee industry” and.. why not he might even the chance to make the difference!

Further information: www.coffeelovers.gr

Source: www.coffeelovers.gr

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