The Barista Underground is a place for people who are passionate about their coffee to meet. There is no cost to being a member of the club and we do not anticipate having to charge one for the forceable future. We are not affiliated to any of the local roasters/equipment importers but will be using relationships with these suppliers to organise educational talks and presentations for our members

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. This is an undertaking which we have started purely for our love of coffee and a desire to see the specialist coffee community in South Africa grow

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"We will be running monthly "grinds" where we will have a local equipment supplier & roasters speaking to members and helping us to further our knowledge of coffee."

"We would also like to use our membership base to secure":

- Group buys of equipment to secure discounts
- Special offers on beans for club members from roasters

If you are involved with the coffee industry and would like to interact with the Barista Underground as a club, please contact them here.

Further information: www.baristaunderground.com

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