Purchases Support the Rogers Family Co."s "Coffee Community Aid" Program That Helps Workers/Protects the Environment at Coffee Farm Communities Throughout Latin America

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. Coffee lovers who patronize the "Organic Coffee Co . Cafe", which will open April 19 at City College of San Francisco"s downtown campus, can help protect wildlife, rainforest or even build a medical clinic, school or housing at coffee farm communities throughout Latin America. Owned and operated by Amy Nget and Van Nget, who manage several other Bay Area retail coffee outlets, the Organic Coffee Co . Cafe at 88 Fourth Street will exclusively serve organic coffee purchased from the family-owned, San Leandro, Calif.-based Rogers Family Co. and be allowed to use the company"s name. The Organic Coffee Co . is a division/brand of the Rogers Family Co. whose premium gourmet whole bean and pre-ground coffee and tea products are sold nationwide. All Rogers Family Co. products carry a "Seal of Social/Environmental Responsibility." Conveniently located at the corner of Mission and Fourth Streets next to the Metreon and near the Moscone Convention Center, the Cafe will offer free coffee from 1 to 5 p.m. April 19 as part of City College"s Open House. The Cafe will be open at 6 a.m. seven days a week and will offer a variety of organic and vegan products. The Cafe will serve freshly baked specialty pastries, kosher-certified knishes, bagels, gourmet sandwiches, salads made by the College"s Culinary and Hospitality students as well the Rogers Family Co."s gourmet coffee and tea. Customers will help fund the Rogers family"s "Coffee Community Aid" program, which raises the quality of life for thousands of coffee farm workers and protects natural resources at more than two-dozen coffee farms in Latin America. The Rogers Family Co. pays MORE than the price mandated by Fair Trade at the farms. Coffee Community Aid programs are continuously performed and include projects such as building houses, medical facilities, schools and day care centers. The program also funds permanent educational programs such as scholarships and provides doctors, nurses, teachers, food, clothing, clean drinking water and energy systems. In addition, the program protects rainforest and wildlife from poachers. "We are proud to help preserve the environment and support the Rogers family"s effort to help coffee farm communities," said Amy Nget. "We hope to educate our customers at all of our Bay Area locations that their choice of coffee is an important decision." "We are honored that the Organic Coffee Co. Cafe will carry our coffee and tea products exclusively," said Rogers Family Company President Jon B. Rogers. "Any customer who purchases a cup of coffee at the Cafe plays a role in improving the lives of coffee farm workers and their families and preserving natural resources including wildlife in the world"s premier coffee growing regions."

More information: www.rogersfamilyco.com

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