Utz Kapeh implements the global standard for socially and environmentally responsible coffee growing and sourcing. It is a worldwide certification program that sets the standard for responsible coffee production and sourcing. Utz Kapeh, which means "good coffee" in a Mayan language, gives the assurance of social and environmental quality in coffee production that coffee drinkers expect

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. Utz Kapeh certification provides the answer to two key questions: Where does the coffee come from? How was it produced? Coffee farms and cooperatives use Utz Kapeh certification to prove that they grow their coffee professionally and with care for their local communities and the environment . Utz Kapeh empowers growers with knowledge on good agricultural practices and the global coffee market. Certification also gives growers a stronger position in the market due to buyers" specific demand for certified coffee. When roasters buy Utz Kapeh-certified coffee they know exactly where it came from because Utz Kapeh provides complete traceability from grower to roaster. Roasters can prove that their coffee is produced according to the Utz Kapeh sustainability standard . When you see the Utz Kapeh logo on your coffee, you know it has been grown responsibly . You can continue enjoying the same brand at the same quality. In addition you can trust your brand to take its responsibility regarding decent growing practices.

For detailed information see: www.utzcertified.org

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