Do you have a healthy glass of water ready to serve your customers and employees? The Chiller from Bravilor Bonamat always serves fresh cold and - thanks to the unique membrane filter - pure water . User friendly, low maintenance and the direct connection to the main water supply eliminates the need for manoeuvring heavy water bottles! By means of the Chiller, Bravilor Bonamat, producer of professional beverage preparation systems, provides a machine solution for the latest health trend: water is healthy! The Chiller is a water cooler with a direct connection to the main water supply, equipped with the unique Bravilor Bonamat membrane filter. This filter works in combination with active carbon, that removes odour, taste and any present micro organisms. The result is delicious cold and pure water from every serving, for an advantageous price per glass! Besides cost efficiency the Chiller is also space saving because storage of large water bottles is not required. This has an ergonomic advantage too. There’s no need for manoeuvring heavy water bottles because refilling is, thanks to the connection to the main water supply, not necessary anymore. This makes the Chiller besides healthy, also sensible! It is recommended for a healthy lifestyle that at least 1.5 litres of water is consumed per day. For that reason there is a pedestal available to raise the machine for ease of filling glasses as well as higher capacity containers such as bottles, or serving jugs. The temperature of the water is adjustable between 5 and 12 °C and with a throughput per hour of five litres the Chiller is suitable for many places such as at the office, in the store, reception areas, waiting room or gym. In short, there is always the requirement for delicious cold, pure and crystal clear water in every environment!

More Information: www.bravilor.com

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