coffeeduck_espressoThe Coffeeduck Espresso cup is a refillable cup for using loose espresso coffee grounds in your Nespresso coffee maker. This way, you can enjoy your favourite espresso blend in an economical and environmentally friendly way.

The Coffeeduck Espresso cup produces a delightful taste and delicious layer of cream on top . The espresso blend used MUST have a fine, evenly ground texture, i.e. the granules must all be of the same size. The ground coffee must also be roasted for espresso.

Learning to fill the Espresso cup is a skill easily learned and takes only a few seconds.
The Espresso cup can also be used for loose leaf tea and various types of cocoa powder.

• The Coffeeduck is dishwasher-safe.
• Maintains the foam layer.
• Environmentally friendly

Further information: www.coffeeduck.com

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