Grindenstèin is the stèin for your coffee grinds. Grindenstèin"s patented design was created to empty the group handle or portafilter of home espresso machines quickly, conveniently and with no mess. For everyone who makes great espresso coffee at home, the problem has always been removing the used grinds from the group handle . Forget denting the sink, trying to wash oily grinds down the sink or having to put your hand iside a rubbish bin - do as the cafés do and simply bang your grinds into a stèin! Like all Dreamfarm inventions, Grindenstèin was designed with you in mind - dishwasher safe, compact for space-saving storage, extremely durable and available in a range of funky colours. Grindenstèin is sure to complete your home espresso experience.

Further information: www.grindenstein.com

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