Tradition, and ten-year success, assures the authentic taste of true espresso. Flavor, whether it is strong or refined, robust or elegant, can be satisfied by anyone of Brao’s products . The quality of Brao espresso, whether at a café or in practical 250 gr. package, is exclusively served at bars.
There are three types of Brao brands, "Mrs. Rose", "BraoCaffè" and "Mokamo". Each with a unique characteristic and explicitly studied to please every taste.

This is a selction of the many Brao products:

Brao Oro
The full and fragrant taste of Brao Oro with 90% Arabica beans and 10% Robusta beans, the right backdrop for every break or encounter.

Mokamo Dolce
Blend consisting mainly of selected Arabica coffee. Fine coffee bean from Brazilian and Central American plantations

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. Intense, smooth taste with strong, full bodied chocolatey hint. Low caffeine content. Blend of roasted coffee beans for espresso coffee makers.


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. Rose
Mrs. Rose is the coffee most sought out after by the purest of palates with 100% Arabica beans guaranteeing perfect quality and taste so that you can calmly enjoy it, any time of the day, thanks to its low caffeine content.

Further information: www.braocaffe.it

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