Stumptown Coffee's “Grand Cru” is a new concept in cold brew coffee. 
It is formulated using the company's best of the best coffee (as selected during its cupping table process) and releases it in a small-batch form.

In the case of this product, which is “Batch No. 1,” the coffee comes from an exclusive lot of Honduras Finca El Puente Gesha, which is an heirloom coffee varietal . The flavor is super fresh and clean and, as the label states, it has notes of orange blossom, papaya juice and a sweet creme brulee finish (we’d probably call it caramel, but close enough).

As far as bottled cold brew goes, this is definitely the gold standard, although the differences between this and Stumptown’s regular cold brew will probably only be appreciated by hardcore coffee enthusiasts in a way that some may (or may not) appreciate the nuances of red wine. That’s okay, especially because this limited release retails for $28 per bottle.

That price point is exemplified in Stumptown's approach to the packaging: a 750 mL swing top bottle. It's the same shape a wine bottle with a label that is reminiscent of a limited release craft beer

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. Putting it all together, we think that this is a really smart approach to creating an ultra-premium product for the category. And it makes sense for Stumptown to be the company that’s setting the standard . Overall, this isn’t a product that’s designed to be your everyday cold brew, but it’s definitely a great showcase for both Stumptown and the cold brew coffee category.

Source: https://www.stumptowncoffee.com/coldbrew 

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