planetenergycoffeeIt is the ideal caffeine and energy kick on gloomy days: beverage filler DIS is launching its new energy drink 'Planet Energy Coffee' on the market in the Netherlands and Brazil. It is likewise planned to introduce it on the German market. The refreshing trend drink is filled into fashionably slim aluminium beverage cans from Ball Packaging Europe. The 150 and 250 ml aluminium containers provide consumers with both cool aromatic enjoyment and the right dose of caffeine.

By introducing ‘Planet Energy Coffee’, DIS has put a new product containing caffeine onto the ‘ready to drink’ (RTD) market – meeting consumers' wish for a wider choice in this segment . “Consumers are always in search of new taste experiences,” explains Marco Geurten, Managing Director at DIS. “Our new beverage offers a unique mixture of coffee enjoyment and that extra portion of energy“. DIS is a Dutch licensed bottler for a large range of beverages including milk and coffee-based drinks. Moreover, the company also develops its own beverage brands.

The new trend beverage is another addition to the energy drink range that already includes the invigorating ‘Planet Energy Classic’. With ‘Planet Energy Coffee‘, the producer is targeting in particular the consumers between 35 and 45 years of age who do not normally rank as energy drink consumers. The tasty caffeine kick from a beverage can is meant to change this, also in the German market: “It is a well-known fact that German consumers like to drink coffee “, says Geurten. As ‘Planet Energy Coffee‘ is not carbonated, it will also be available deposit-free in Germany.

Further information: www.ball-europe.de

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