They stand out because they are not syrups but really concentrated flavours, capable of not mixing with the coffee (except only slightly) anyhow ensuring the possibility of tasting the espresso and, only later, savouring the sauce or mixing with a teaspoon to create tasty "coffee based cocktails".

Aromatized Coffee

The concept proposed by Mok'idea by perfecting a "preparatuib kit" ideally represents the same passage between a liqueur and a cocktail as a "harmonious composition of ingredients in which coffee always has its great importance but is enriched with accessory ingredients that enhance and complete it"

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. These cocktails are always based on making an espresso coffee in which, howeverm the base is a sauce on the bottom of the cup . A surface decoration with whipped cream, shaken cream or milk ends the preparation and presentation.The aim of all this is to create a contrast of tastes between the sweet and highly aromatic flavour of the sauce and the bitterness of the coffee, of sensations between the liquid coffee and the soft texture of the sauce and of colours (to satisfy the eye of the customer too).

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