ConcordiaVanilla Mochas, Hazelnut Lattes, and Caramel Macchiatos. More than 70% of all espresso beverages sold in a café are flavored. To meet this evolving consumer preference, Concordia Coffee Systems has released its second-generation Self-Serve Espresso Barä. The new unit comes complete with the first ever fully integrated flavor infusion system. Fresh whole beans and fresh milk are used to create world-class beverages. Industry leading Torani-brand sauces and syrups are automatically steamed into the beverage at the touch of a button to provide a genuine cafe experience without a barista. The Self-Serve Espresso Barä brings consistent, high-quality gourmet coffee beverages to consumers at a fraction of the cost of building and staffing a cafe. It is an ideal way for coffee roasters, managed foodservice operators, hotels, and other high volume venues to capture profits from the booming specialty coffee business. Text Box: Keypad makes beverage choices as simple as 1-2-3 The stylish contemporary kiosk with cherry cabinetry features Concordia"s Model 2500E automatic espresso machine. Users make their beverage selection and the machine does the rest in one single step-- it grinds whole coffee beans, automatically injects flavored syrups and sauces, and steams and froths fresh milk for a superior espresso drink. Drink choices include Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha, Brewed Coffee and Hot Chocolate. Chocolate, Caramel, Vanilla, Almond, Hazelnut, and Sugar Free Vanilla syrups and sauces are stored in proprietary 2.5 gallon “bag-in-box” containers. A vending system is also included which accepts debit/credit cards, bills, and coins. "The Self-Serve Espresso Barä is a complete package that gets you up and running with a gourmet espresso business in no time," says David Isett, Concordia Coffee Systems president. “This new generation of espresso bar really is the ATM of specialty coffee.” Because the sauces and syrups are steamed directly with the milk rather than stirred in, the rich all natural characteristics of Torani flavors are greatly accentuated. Fully self-contained, the espresso bar fits through a standard doorway and is fast and easy to set up -- simply connect to power, water, and a drain line. The espresso bar is approximately seven feet high and six feet wide installed. It includes customer-branded signage and menu board, refrigeration unit, water treatment system, cup dispensers, waste bin and under-counter supply storage area. The espresso bar may also include a high capacity milk system, providing unattended operation in excess of 150 drinks. It also includes a remote paging system that notifies a key operator when the unit requires assistance. Further information: www.concordiacoffee.com

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