...More and more manufacturers of syrup are jumping onto the health bandwagon and are launching sugar free aroma mixes! Of course this concerns the target group of the coffeeshop customers, their lifestyle, health views and also trends..... Thus Davinci (www.davincigourmet.com) already offers 44 Sugar Free Flavored Syrups....no calories, no sugar. The sweetener is based on Splenda(R), the calorie free sweetener obtained from sugar. Torani is also up-front and has also launced more than 30 sugar free flavors ! www.torani.com Monin (www.monin.com ) bids fat-free, sugar-free,calorie-free products (also based on Splenda (R) and Eridex (R), and Stirling (www.stirling.net ) is also in the market with its traditional syrups with less sugar ( (and more intensive aroma) and also offers Syrup Light with fewer calories. An advantage is the small bottles for sampling and for sale in the shop.......

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