Porcelana del Pedregal presentation box Origin : Valrhona plantation "Pedregal" at the foot of the Andes cordillera in Venezuela Variety : "Porcelana" cocoa beans, as pearly-white as porcelain Taste and flavors : Subtle and light, without a hint of bitterness, though powerful and lingering long on the palate. Long-lasting and persistant intensity.Notes of malt and freshly-baked bread followed by a milky sensation… Cocoa content : 69% cocoa Color : A very particular, clear and pearly tonality Presentation : 3 individually wrapped flowers, each made of 108g of Dark chocolate and accompanied by an explanation booklet Porcelana del Pedregal, an extremely rare cocoa bean which has a subtle, delicate taste and lingers long on the palate . Since 1922, Valrhona has been assembling exceptional chocolates from richly-flavored cocoa beans from different orgins, selected and skillfully transformed according to great chocolate makers" tradition . Today you will be delighted to discover a new creation: Porcelana del Pedregal. An original and subtle-tasting Chocolate whose origins are worth hearing. Porcelana del Pedregal has materialized thanks to Valrhona"s vocation: that of saving an extremely rare species of cacao tree from extinction. It illustrates Valrhona"s clearly expressed desire to save and develop the land and local employment, to succeed in working alongside the inhabitants using their traditional methods while complying to the highest quality requirements on a global scale. Porcelana is an extremely rare type of cocoa bean, familiar to experts the world over for its exceptional aromatic qualities, but abandoned by cultivators because of low productivity. Only one in a thousand flowers survives and develops into a pod containing 25 outstandingly pure pearly-white beans producing chocolate without the slightest hint of bitterness! Valrhona researchers came across some Porcelana specimens near El Vigia in Venezuela: frail shoots abandoned on remote stony terrain, at the foot of the great Andes cordillera. More that ten years were necessary to clear the land, replant the fragile shrubs and nurture them before finally succeeding in harvesting their precious fruit. Months of research were required to assemble the chocolate so as to obtain the perfect formula producing this magic Dark chocolate which is both extraordinarily delicate and lingers long on the palate

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. Porcelana de Pedregal: a flower in a thousand… To fully express the subtle flavors and highlight its rareness, Porcelana del Pedregal needed to take on a form which is both sensual and gentle: ephemeral petals reminding us of the cacao tree flower and presented in an elegant bronze gift box.


More information at: www.valrhona.com

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