Finally, you can enjoy a truly gourmet teahouse experience –in the comfort of your own home, in about one minute

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. Lipton®, the world’s leading tea brand, is now offering Lipton® Premium Tea Pods in a wide variety of delicious flavors, exclusively for your Home Café brewing system . Start your morning with a warm cup of English Estate

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. Melt into the sweet taste of Raspberry Truffle. Wind down with some Vanilla Hazelnut. And brighten your day with a cup of Citrus Blossom Green Tea. And Lipton® Premium Tea Pods are made from real tea leaves. So as you enjoy delicious flavor, you’ll also be enjoying all the goodness of the leaf—including healthy antioxidants. Enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of Lipton® Tea, in just one minute. Lipton Premium Tea Pods are available now in the tea and coffee aisle of your favorite market or retailer, or you can purchase them online at www.lipton.com.

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