tea2goHälssen & Lyon's patented teatogo system allows restaurants, cafés and coffee shops to serve fresh infusions of leaf teas "tea to go" for people on the move. In restaurants the unique cup bag is simply hung over the rim of the tea cup. For take-away orders, the cup bag is pushed into the patented lid. This allows consumers to decide the steeping time for their tea themselves and disposal is easy - simply pull the bag back into the lid. Quality and convenience combined in one product.

• A new, high-quality nylon tea bag with noble, exclusive tea qualities.

• A wide range of carefully chosen teas. The right tea for all customers.

• Tea descriptions on the cup bags.

• Perfectly suitable for serving in cups or large mugs (300-350 ml).

• Ideal for selling as a takeaway beverage using the patented teatogo lid.

• The lid fits on most 300 ml/12 oz take-out coffee cups.

• Easy handling, no spilling, no waste to worry about.

Further information: www.tea2go.com

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