teapigs offer a biodegradable mesh tea temple. Their temples give all the convenience of a tea bag with the quality of whole leaf tea.

Each tea temple contains whole leaves, whole flowers or whole berries. No dust.

The best quality
teapigs' tea is the finest tea around

The image
Refreshingly different. Bye bye pomp and ceremony

All natural
No nasties in teapigs' tea

The range
teapigs' range of teas can upgrade ALL your current teas offering black, green, oolong, white, rooibos and herbal teas

As one can see by the reactions below, teapigs' and their tea features are highly appreciated by everyone:

Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Restaurant “The reaction to teapigs from our customers has been great - and the staff love it as well”
Urban Deli “No other products sells through as quickly as teapigs”
Local hero Deli Fulham "We have a new phrase 'selling like teapigs'"

teapigs' complete range of teas
All teas are available in packets of 15 tea temples, and apart from seasonal specials also in sample tins of 3 tea temples. For those of you who really love your tea "english breakfast", "darjeeling earl grey" and "peppermint leaves" are also available in larger 50s packs of tea temples. Some of the range is also available in loose leaf format.

Whatever you choose you’re guaranteed the same high quality tea!

List of all teas
english breakfast tea
darjeeling earl grey tea
chai tea
chilli chai
chilli tea
chocolate flake tea
mao feng green tea
jasmine pearls
organic dragon well green tea
green tea with mint
popcorn tea
tung ting oolong tea
silver tips white tea
organic honey bush and rooibos tea
spiced winter red tea
rooibos creme caramel tea
summer flowers
chamomile flowers tea
peppermint leaves tea
super fruit tea
pure lemongrass tea
yerba mate tea
healthy easter gift
detox teas
oriental special brew
the ultimate
organic matcha

Take a look at teapigs' brochure and detailed information about the teas (PDF)

Further information: www.teapigs.co.uk


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