tinyteasAs the UK is famous for it's 5 o'clock tea traditon, there's some company England can be really proud of - Tiny Teas.

The small family run company with its environmentally famed ethos and an adventurous outlook into the world of tea has three main core values that define the company’s ethos:


Tiny Teas aims to assist Kawangware Street Children & Youth Project by putting a comprehensive and sustainable community structure in place that offers street children, youth & widowed women in Kawangware slums (Kenya) an alternative to street life that enables them to integrate back into mainstream society

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Tiny Teas' packaging is made from 100% recycled material and is hand made by the youth project

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. The company endeavours to enforce a green and environmentally friendly working atmosphere.


Last but not least, Tiny Teas provides an enormous assortment of specialty loose leaf teas in numerous variations from all over the world . Among others Tiny Teas offers black tea, green tea, white tea and flavoured tea in at least three different variations, all free of artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives.

Additionally the company offers various hampers, tea pots, finest tea recipes and also tea news.

Further information: www.tinyteas.com

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