With the Bugatti espresso machine you will enjoy the real taste of espresso coffee, authentically prepared at home

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. Whether you use ground coffee or coffee Pads. DIVA's innovative technique allows you to enjoy your coffee just the way you like it, whether you wandt cappuccino or latte macchiato

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. You can heat the cups on the warm plate on the top of the machine, just like in Italian bars.

The unique Bugatti Drop System ensures that fresh water flows from the design-integrated tank to guarantee the perfect cup of coffee, every time.

Casa Bugatti presents a world of extraordinary creativity that ranges from classic and refined styles to the highest level of modern technological design. The aim of Casa Bugatti is a combination of practical aspects with contemporary lifestyle. Using a team of specialist designers, Casa Bugatti offers a comprehensive range of products touching all senses.

Technical data
Electric vibration pump: 15 atm
Colours available: red, white, black, chrome
Weight: 6.5 kg
Diameter: 24 cm
Height: 36.5 cm
Output: 230V / 1050W
Volume: 0.8 l

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