aeropressCream Supplies has launched a new range of compact, AeroPress® BrewStations, designed to hold the AeroPress coffee brewer securely on a backbar or counter, while also adding to the theatre of the artisan AeroPress brewing process.

The BrewStations are fabricated from mirror finish, 304 grade stainless steel

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. They are fitted with a removable drip tray and come complete with non-slip rubber feet for extra security.

There are currently 4 models available, holding from 1 to 4 AeroPresses

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. The smallest
model measures just 134mm(l) x 115mm(w) x 173mm(h).

The AeroPress is an ingenious, manual coffee maker that is being used by top independent coffee shops seeking to explore gourmet brewed coffee. It produces full, rich, ultra-smooth, filter coffee in just a few seconds.

Further information: www.creamsupplies.co.uk

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