vibiemme_domobar_juniorThe Domobar Junior is a sophisticated 2-circuit espresso maker, which provides the flexibility of the dual boiler machine and which at the same time is not bigger than the normal 1-circuit Domobar.

The steam boiler can be switched on additionally on demand

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. By decoupling both heating systems, the steam boiler can be used with more pressure than the regular 2-circuit machine without affecting the brewing temperature of the coffee.

This machine is also an interesting alternative for customers who are not only concerned about the perfect espresso pleasure but also about parallel foaming.

Technical details:

Dimensions: 41cm h / 27cm l / 53cm d with tank / 46cm d with water connection
Weight: 28kg
Boiler: 2,7 l
Electric power: 1800 W
Volts: 230

Available with tank or water net connection;
Available in black or steel bodywork, in manual, semiautomatic and electronic versions.

Further information: www.lavibiemme.it

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