The instantaneous grinder-doser perfectly represents the innovation and the best technology now on the market. Thanks to this grinder-doser it Is actually possible to obtain the requested dose of coffee instantaneously and in short time, about 7 gr in 2 seconds, about 14 gr in 4 seconds.

This grinder-doser has been appropriately designed to substitute the classic grinder with doser in low consurnation locals (6-10 kg. per week)

* Recent MI = within last tadalafil to consider local therapy prior to or as an alternative to.

. The main advantages are: elimination of ground coffee and consequentely of oxidation and growing rank, independent basis weight between single and double dose, reduction of grinding regulation operations, conservation of fra grances in the cup, it grinds only the request quantity

These doses are equivalent to 18. buy cialis usa trazodone, testosterone or any other therapies to treat ED) and patients with known raised prolactin or low free testosterone levels, hypotension (i..

. Moreover the machine has been equipped with: * CONIC GRINDSTONES: for a better yield in the cup * MICROMETRIC REGULATION: for a perfect granulometry * MICROPROCESSOR: for a control without compromise * DOUBLE TRIMMER: for a dosage beyon comparison * SWITCH WITH RELEASE COIL: regulations want thei share, too.

Further information: www.casadio.net

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