avirnakiCoffee Tech Engineering Ltd. introduces Avirnaki (Clean Air in Hebrew), smoke elimination system for in-store coffee roasting . The system solves known venting and odor issues while roasting in a closed space . The system allows coffee roasters avoiding the hassle involved with setting ducts and venting arrangements, and makes shop roasting simple, safe and affordable.

Avirnaki is an environmentally friendly smoke trapping system which absorbs the smoke into detachable, cleanable trapping fields. Ram Evgi, CEO of Coffee-Tech Engineering said: “Avirnaki is the successful outcome of a two year extensive R&D effort. The system converts the smoke harmful substance in the smoke to solids that are trapped in the cleanable fields, separating it from the entire flow, and letting out only purified clean air”

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. Avirnaki is an electrical devise and excels in its low energy consumption and simple maintenance. The system also reduces exhausted gas temperature and eliminates the need to set appropriate, costly venting arrangements which need to be periodically maintained and cleaned. A poorly maintained duct is considered to be a major fire hazard and badly affects the overall roaster’s performance . System’s maintenance is done using tap water and green cleaning solvents and is completely at end user’s level.

Avirnaki is suitable for roasting in retail stores, supermarkets, shopping malls and other venues where fresh coffee is desired. The system may fit to any shop roaster as well as with any of Coffee Tech Engineering’s advanced shop roasters – the Torrefattore 1 kg and the fully automated Solar 2kg.

Further information: www.coffee-tech.com

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