freshroast_roasterThe Fresh Roast Plus 8 is a great way to get started roasting your own coffee . It is easy to use, inexpensive, and produces well developed roasts in six to eight minutes, depending on roast style

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. The Fresh Roast Plus 8 is a relatively quiet machine and a single roast will produce enough roasted coffee for about a dozen cups. Label on roasters states "allow 20 minutes between roasts".

Fresh Roast Plus 8 Features
- Capacity about 3 ounces by volume -86 cc
- Includes 43 cc scoop
- Roasts in 6 to 8 minutes plus cooling
- Decent for dark roasts

- Height: 12"
- Width: 5.5"
- Depth: 6.8"
- Weight: 4 pounds
- Power Supply: 120V
- Watts: 1100
- Warranty: 1 year manufacturers

How does the Fresh Roast Plus 8 work?
To roast in the Fresh Roast, put two scoops of green coffee in the 43cc measuring cup (provided) into the roasting chamber, place the chamber on the roasted and put the chaff collection basket on top. Turn the mechanical timer to the desired amount of roasting time and in about eight minutes you have roasted coffee . You are now ready to brew ultra fresh coffee.

Further information: www.freshbeansinc.com

Source: www.roastmasters.com

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