smart_roastThe Kestrel S35, a 35kg batch coffee roaster, is the first model to feature the Smart Roast hybrid technology. By eliminating the afterburner it offers customers huge reductions in CO2 emissions and dramatic fuel cost savings. In tests customers have been able to reduce CO2 emissions by over 100 tonnes and cut gas fuel costs by 80%. These savings will pay for the roaster in just a few years as well as significantly reducing the organisation’s carbon footprint.

Easy Controls for Precision and Consistency
The whole roasting process is computer controlled via a convenient touch-screen interface. A number of temperature probes have live, on-screen displays which can be matched against static profiles. Temperatures can be digitally controlled in 1% increments so roasting can be fine-tuned according to taste preferences. The computer can also capture burner recipes and roast profiles from batches roasted using artisan techniques so successful outcomes can be repeated accurately. An unlimited number of recipes and profiles can be created, saved and modified.

Comprehensive information about batches is stored and can be emailed to the roaster immediately after each batch is completed. Roast batch data automatically includes batch number, product name, drop temperature, roast time, end-point temperature and the time since crack. It also holds notes typed in on the roaster screen or from any networked or remote-access PC.

Practical and Convenient to Use
The Smart Roast technology also means the roaster is easy to use and virtually maintenance-free . The cyclone itself, where the roast air is recycled, and the roaster stack, operating at incinerator temperatures, never require cleaning

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. The cooler screen and paddle can be disassembled in just a couple of minutes enabling removal of the cooler screen. This can be taken away for cleaning and replaced by a second screen if required to facilitate almost continuous roasting. The cooler ducting between fan and tray comes apart easily for cleaning via the quick-release duct clamps. Direct drive motors eliminate the need for belt or chains. Power is transferred more efficiently and maintenance is minimised. Sealed-for-life, drip-free bearings are specified throughout – these never need greasing.

A close-coupled, removable chaff collector is integral to the design of the Kestrel S35 and features automated fire protection controls and spring loaded castors for easy cleaning. For bean handling there is an optional, roving green bean vacuum loader. This stainless steel unit, which can lift 35kg of beans in 35 seconds, has an integrated digital weighing scale, a magnetic tramp-metal grate and pneumatic tyres.

Smart Roast Hybrid Roasting Technology
How it works...
The heat used for roasting is created by a single, pre-mix burner in the cyclone and flows into the roasting drum where the green coffee is tumbled with rotating paddles . During the roasting process air circulates back to the cyclone to be reheated. In the cyclone the smoke is incinerated, the chaff is spun out and the air that exits the system is at incineration temperatures, hence it is inherently smokelss . This patented method of incinerating the process smoke and recirculating the hot air brings about the increased fuel efficiency and leads to the clean, smoke-free roasting process. As a result cleaner, cooler air is exhausted into the atmosphere benefitting the local environment and requiring less-complicated ducting.

Another benefit of the re-circulating system is that the quench water spray can be situated in a position to spray into the cyclone and not into the roaster drum. The water flashes to vapour before returning to the drum so no water contacts the beans directly. This works very well to quench the roast progress and knock down much of the residual smoke present in the system at the end of the roast cycle. In this way much less smoke is handled through the cooler.

But the Smart Roaster is not just about energy and environmental savings – it also produces great tasting coffee. The Smart Roaster provides the tools to monitor and manipulate the roasting process precisely and consistently to get the best flavour out of every coffee bean. Additionally the heating technology creates a semi-inert, reduced oxygen environment within the drum resulting in a cleaner tasting cup with good high notes.

Further information: www.smartroasteurope.com

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