Maggiolino.jpgMaggiolino is a professional sample roaster. As such, it was designed to deliver superb results for professional coffee roasters who need to use a sample coffee roaster on their daily work . In addition, the Maggiolino is perfect for home coffee roasters and for small coffee shops that blend and roast their own unique coffee . Its compact dimensions, clean and efficient venting and competitive price tag make it the perfect choice for true coffee lovers who do not settle for anything less than having their coffee roasted at home.

Its professional profile and excellent construction make the Maggiolino the natural choice for its target audience, and to a must-have for any serious coffee laboratory.

Home and professional coffee roasters will obtain a hold of a professional sample roaster that will produce superb roasting, time after time and will last for years to come . Quests and inquiries end here, you can have what you've always wanted - it's the Maggiolino

Maggiolino Professional Home Coffee Roaster
Technical Specifications:

Batch Capacity: 100-400 Grams

Roasting Cycle: 15-20 Minutes

Roasting output: 3-4 Batches per hour

Operation method: Manual operation, with temperature limit setting

Electrical Specifications: 230V/50-60 Hz/1150 Watts/Single phase

Drum Motor: 1/8 HP, heavy duty

Heating Method: Electrical special made metal, high temp

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. heating element (1000 watt)

Cooling: In-tray cooling for continuous roasting

Process quality control: Large Pyrex lens monitoring of roasting progress

Chaff Collection: Cyclone type with blower (included)

Dimensions: 64(h)X54(w)X75(d)/25.2”X21.25”X29.5”

Weight: 27 Kg (59.5 Lbs.)

Accessories: Professional Roasting Cart (optional)

Further information: www.coffee-tech.com

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