If you have ever experienced the exciting metamorphosis of green coffee to roasted coffee during a slow, nearly contemplative drum roasting process with all your senses, you will nomore be pleased with the ready packed coffee from the supermarket.

This conviction is just what the small but nice Ozmacchina factory is known for - attentively producing small roasters and shop roasters of high quality materials, as proved by the fact that each part that gets in contact with the coffee must be made of stainless steel . The various measures of the machines (2, 5, 10, 15 kg or bigger on request) are working with three nearly silent motors so that the only sound you may hear during the roasting process are the moving beans in the drum. The 2, 5 and 10 kg roasters can be either heated with gas or usual power, the 15 kg machine is only available as a gas heated roaster

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. The most effective separation of the bitter tasting pergament skin from the bean is guaranteed by a highly silent ventilator and in the other fields of roasting you will also notice that the Ozmacchinas are only made of massive high quality parts . The control logic is absolutly high quality and basically dimensioned stronger than necessary, being well wired and clearley arranged in a lockable switchbox.

The roasting process can be controlled via an inspection glass, drawing of samples and an electronic thermometer with a digital display. For the cooling process compartment air is used to cool the roasted beans , which after a short "rest" will have developed a wohle, incomparable spectrum of aroma and taste that can be converted into a highly aromatic and unique coffee pleasure.

Although the Ozcaffe roasters are of such a high technical and visually challenging design , the machines feature a top cost/performance ratio, that not only affects owners of coffee shops or cafes to use Ozmacchina roasters, but also non professional coffee enthusiasts who more and more use the Ozmacchina as a piece of furniture in their living rooms.

Further information: www.ozcaffe.com

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