saturn4000_modellVersatile and energy-efficient: Probat-Werke von Gimborn Maschinenfabrik GmbH is introducing onto the market the newest model of the centrifugal roaster series, reengineered Saturn 4000 .

Resource-saving and Efficient
Rising energy costs are making resource-saving production increasingly important. A model with a green coffee processing capacity of 4,000 kilograms per hour is now available in the particularly energy-efficient Saturn centrifugal roaster series. The burner directly fitted to Saturn 4000 makes long hot air piping redundant and thus minimises energy losses. The heat stability of the components and the recirculation of the roast air also contribute to increased energy efficiency. And a customized exhaust air cleaning system provides for a reduction of emissions. The centrifugal roasting process is particularly well suited to achieve a broad range of different roasting results at constant high quality standards. In the Saturn roasters, centrifugal forces effectuate a product-preserving mixing of the beans. This achieves a consistent bean pattern

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. The roastmaster has the possibility of influencing aroma development by adjusting numerous parameters such as roasting time, product temperature, and roast air volume. The roastmaster receives effective support for everyday operations through the user-friendly Pilot Roaster control as well as the Reflex Automatic function for reliable reproduction of roasting profiles.

Flexible and Durable
Particularly roasting companies with many different products and high quality standards stand to benefit from the flexibility the Saturn series offers. These roasters allow roasting of very different green coffee. Whether beans for filter coffee, espresso or single-serve products – Saturn’s strength lies in its product-friendly roast in the medium roasting time range. The roasters in the series allow roasting times of 5-15 minutes. Saturn 4000 is constructed to process batch sizes of 480-640 kilograms. Due to their modular design, the series’ roasting machines are also easy to maintain and clean. An integrated working platform facilitates the respective work significantly. Besides their flexible application areas and their energy efficiency, the roasters in the Saturn series are also characterised by their long service life. About 90 percent of all centrifugal roasters ever sold are still in operation today. After commissioning of the units Probat continues to secure the roaster’s performance through the manufacturer’s long-term spare parts guarantee.

Long History
The first generation of centrifugal roasters was already brought to market by Probat during the 1970s . A reengineering with technical improvements was carried out in 1996. A revised construction incorporating the tried and trusted features and a completely new design took place in 2006. Representing the series, Probat introduced Saturn 250 with an hourly performance of 250 kilograms at the Interpack trade fair in 2008. In the wake of successful test roasts in its own pilot plant, the first units have already been delivered. A further model with an hourly performance of 2,500 kilograms will follow the now available Saturn 4000.

Further information: www.probat.com

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