Today could be a historical day for the coffee industry. Bonaverde’s roast-grind-brew coffee machine, the first of its kind, launches today, complete with innovative Internet of Things technology. The machine, the BERLIN coffee maker, combines a new way of brewing coffee with a comprehensive coffee experience. It’s a combination designed with the hope of changing an entire industry.

Our mission is to create a transparent direct trade marketplace for coffee and coffee machines, that connects consumers with coffee and coffee machine producers.

The BERLIN coffee maker allows both private and professional users brew fresh coffee from raw, green coffee beans . Not only does this innovation mean fresher coffee, it also lays the groundwork for a fairer, more transparent coffee industry. “Bonaverde isn’t about the machine,” explains CEO and Founder Hans Stier, “it’s about the potential created by empowering users to make a choice about how they get their coffee. To use the BERLIN is to become a Coffee Changer, joining a network of other Coffee Changers choosing a better world of coffee.” Partnering with Telekom, Bonaverde is using Internet of Things technology to establish the infrastructure for this new coffee ecosystem . The BERLIN coffee maker’s many built-in features include an RFID reader that picks up the best roasting profile for each coffee bean and a timer that allows users to start their morning brew before they even roll out of bed.

The machine also connects users to Bonaverde’s Coffee Changer Platform, where they can learn about and interact with farmers, discuss roasting profiles with other users, and select green coffee beans. Empowered by their own, in-house roasting and grinding capabilities, BERLIN users purchase green beans directly from the farmer, cutting out the middlemen. The result is a cup of delicious coffee that’s fairer even than fair trade.
Of course, an entirely new coffee ecosystem requires infrastructure. Bonaverde is currently seeking entrepreneurial individuals interested in becoming distribution partners. These community leaders will run their own socially conscious businesses, connecting coffee growers and consumers to Bonaverde’s unique coffee ecosystem

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. Staying true to its crowdfunded roots, Bonaverde will be awarding these opportunities through a unique crowd franchising system. The first campaign of its kind, the process will allow the public to comment and vote on potential Coffee Scouts and Coffee Ambassadors.

“Bonaverde has always been a people-focused, grassroots idea,” explains Stier, “The crowd franchising campaign continues our tradition of putting people before profits . By giving communities a direct voice in their leadership, we protect the transparent, fair ideal on which Bonaverde was founded.”

Further details: www.bonaverde.com

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