Cona coffee makers have been world famous for over 60 years as one of the purest coffee brewer designs and are found is some of the finest restaurants and hotels in the world.

Using an innovative application of the vacuum principal, the Cona coffee maker automatically ensures that the coffee is infused at the optimum temperature and rate

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. This process results in perfect extraction of the coffee oils and caffeine for a pure, distinctive flavor without bitterness or sediment

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. In addition, this elegant siphon coffee maker brews entirely in glass; no metal or plastic parts ever come in contact with the coffee. The Cona vacuum coffee pot can also brew delicious tea as well!

Available in two sizes with chrome or gold finish on the base. Cona coffee maker elegant design with scientific flair utilizes vacuum brewing method for optimum extraction coffee is prepared entirely in glass; no contact to metal spirit lamp uses readily available denatured alcohol (fuel not included) popular for home, fine restaurants, inns and b&b"s available with chrome or gold accents in the following sizes: "C" model (0.85 liter/28.8 ounces) "D" model (1.14 liter/38.4 ounces) imported from England

More information and online order: www.espressozone.com

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